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Dec 9, 2012 9:35pm EST
governor. then steve is the co-founder of america online. is a rabid twitter. i feel like i know every detail of your life. and a relentless of entrepreneurship. we're very fortunate to have these three panelistings. they get five to seven minutes -- there will be a little time left. five to seven minutes to discuss the topic and we're going have a discussion among us then we will open it up to you and hopefully, we will get to all of your comments and questions. >> i'm delighted to be here this evening because i think the topics is important. this conference also recognizes mark kaplan who is that i am pleased to speak in behalf of tonight. we're looking tonight at immigration policies and how they affect our eighty to attract high-skilled immigrants. engineers and entrepreneurs who contribute to innovation. because universities and colleges are in the talent business. we're in a global competition for talent. all yustses, but particularly research university, are competing to get the best and brightest. if immigration policies make it differently for international students to come to
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
morning to you. caller: good morning, steve, gentlemen. merry christmas. one thing i have not heard you touch on too much yet is that the right wing a chamber that was beating the drum for romney and said he had the game in the bag, do you think that maybe his campaign operatives listen to deal much to the conservative media? the rasmus and paul? up by six points? it was just crazy. it was like an alternative universe. what do you guys think about that? guest: i actually wrote about that twice. this notion of a parallel universe where mitt romney was always win the war was going to win. i do not think the campaign was influenced by that as much as their internal polling, which was usually a model of voter turnout that turned out not to be who showed up. but a lot of republicans in the country and probably members in congress to vote that thought mitt romney would win because of the conservative echo chamber, but i think it was their own polling. host: i will begin with you, glenn thrush. the surprise story was approved >> -- guest: we have heard externally that the obama preparation
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2